Welcome to PDF LOOP. This website is just one more place you can stay up to date, and be in the loop on getting my latest free pdf photo ebook downloads. The other place, and the main place is at www.DDAVIDD.com which is my official website.

My name is David Thrift, I love to create photo ebooks with my photography and art images. Many of my ebooks are totally free. Others are for sale. Here at PDF LOOP, I’m going to provide you with free ebook downloads containing photography taken by me, art created by me, and give you the links to where you can purchase my main content ebooks.

KaleidoLove Book 1 Now Available

Go here on the blog for info and to get your free pdf download. I hope you will enjoy the ebook.

I am aware that this blog is looking a little generic right now. It’s a new blog, so I’ll come up with a new look for it soon. The good news is this blog has officially launched, and lot’s of cool free ebooks are coming.


2022-01-30-SUN @ 8:03 PM CST – I was finally able to get my KaleidoLove Book 1 uploaded. You can now download it at the following url, and I will get a blog post up for this tonight: https://pdfloop.files.wordpress.com/2022/01/ddavidd_kaleidolove_001.pdf

2022-01-30-SUN @ 5:36 PM CST – This evening I’m still having upload issues with my pdf file. I’m convinced something is going on with the servers as I have tried uploading multiple file types, and on a couple other blogs I own, and I’m having the same issue all across the board. Please bear with me while this hopefully gets worked out soon.

2022-01-30-SUN @ 3:38 AM CST – While I was having trouble uploading my pdf file to this blog this morning, I got on Google to search for any possible alternative for pdf file sharing just in case this blog site doesn’t work out for sharing. I found Jumpshare. I’m going to check it out. You can check it out as well. – https://jumpshare.com/

2022-01-30-SUN @ 3:16 AM CST – For at least an hour I’ve been trying to upload a pdf file to make available here for downloading. I’m experiencing errors however during the uploading process. I can only assume there are issues going on with the WordPress servers this morning. At this point in the morning, there’s no reason to keep trying because even if the file catches and holds a proper upload process, it could take longer than the amount of time I have to sit at work and wait for it to finish considering the pdf file is 214MB. I will have to try this again later this evening.