It’s here! KaleidoLove Book 1. In this ebook I am sharing with you nearly 1,000 original, and beautiful kaleidoscope art images I created on my smartphone using an Android app called Kaleidoscope Lime Pro. This ebook is totally free for you to download and enjoy.

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Photo credit: This photo, by: Millo Lin.

That blog title is becoming amusing to me now in 2022 with all of the blogs I have launched since getting on WordPress.com for all of my blogging needs in 2014. I actually had another account before that, but I’ve lost track of it’s credentials and any blogs I have left from the old account I guess are long gone and forgotten, unless some day I might unearth some old notes that might get me back in the loop with my old blogs.

Anyway, hi. My name is David Thrift from www.DDAVIDD.com (my official website), and I would like to welcome you to this new blog I’ve titled PDF LOOP.

PDF LOOP is just one more place you can stay up to date, and be in the loop on getting my latest free pdf photo ebook downloads. The other place, and the main place is my official website I just mentioned above.

I love to create photo ebooks with my photography and art images. Many of my ebooks are totally free. Others are for sale. Here at PDF LOOP, I’m going to provide you with free ebook downloads containing photography taken by me, art created by me, and give you the links to where you can purchase my main content ebooks.

So hang around. The ebooks are coming.

Thanks for checking out my blog post.